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Womens Mind & Body Transformation Coach

I help women get fitter, healthier & happier from a place of empowered self-care and personal growth.

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Break free from dieting, repair your relationship with food & your body. Transform your mind, body & health in the next 28 days!

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Meet Emma

I'm a serial entrepreneur, health and mindset coach, and mum of two very active young boys. I'm on a mission to help women to ditch the dieting BS, learn to love your body again and create a happy healthy lifestyle that you love.

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what they’re saying

A magnificent mentor and coach. You have taught and inspired me so much. Before I joined I exercised and ran, but you taught me the nutritional side too, how to tone with weights and most of all to focus on balance which I lacked. I would exercise in the past and then think oh I can eat that bag of crisps or drink that glass of wine because I’ve just done an exercise class. I am going to continue to grow and keep learning from my experience with you, I have realised 6.6 lbs and I know it’s not just about the scales I also feel fitter, more toned and educated. Thank you so much.

Kerry Foote

I’ve got so much energy, my clothes are loads looser and more comfortable and I feel so much stronger

It was also really enjoyable and I haven’t felt restricted, I’ve still had wine and chocolate and I’m really enjoying eating much more healthily.

It’s about so much more than just dropping a size or ‘losing x amount of weight’. Emma actually wants you to have a better body and a better life long term, the plan is actually sustainable and feels like a life change rather than a quick fix, but I still can’t believe how much better I feel and look so quickly

Kerri Williams
Spiritual Coach

My eating is soooo much better, regular eating healthy and full of goodness! No longer starving/bingeing. Pressed reset and found some really good new habits, the ones I’ve had in the past but this time they seem more manageable. My confidence is up, and general wellbeing, thank you so much for the prompts, the support and the amazing workouts!

Rebecca Lovel

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